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What are the requirements of the bar switch installation wiring


When the switch is connected to the cable, there are screws to connect the cable head and the tablet connection to the O-clip to connect the three connection methods.
The bar switch can be used to move up and down the line, the handle position is not changed, and the linkage handle requires strong
There are many accessory accessories for the bar switch, either compatible with the accessory products on the market, or redesigned to buy the switch, but also to provide customers with a package of accessories.
For example: adapter plate, mounting hook clamp, busbar closing system, line closing module, monitoring module, micro switch, busbar guard plate, electric shock-proof fence board, wiring extension terminal, wiring O-shaped clamp, busbar closed bracket and many more.
In general, the bar switch is easy to install, live replacement, strong and durable, beautiful color, overall closed, self-hanging equipment, transparent windows, single lock, easy monitoring.

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