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Function of high voltage isolation switch


High-voltage isolation switch with ordinary type, anti-fouling type, new type, silicone rubber pillar type, suitable for voltage below 15kv three-phase alternating current frequency of 50hz power system, in the voltage and no load conditions under the use of separate circuits.
High-voltage isolation switch can be divided into different locations according to the installation, indoor and outdoor type, according to the number of insulation columns divided into, single-column, double-column and three-column, each voltage class has optional equipment.
After the gate is opened, a reliable insulation gap is established, and the equipment or circuit to be inspected is separated from the power supply by an obvious disconnection point to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel and equipment.
The disconnector switches the line according to the operation needs.
Can be used to divide and combine the small currents in the line, such as the charging current of the bushing, busbars, connectors, and short cables, the capacitive current of the switching voltage equalizing capacitor, the circulating current when the double busbar is switched, and the excitation current of the voltage transformer.
According to the specific conditions of different structure types, it can be used to divide and combine the no-load excitation current of a certain capacity transformer.
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